​Tamweeli Meetup Tour

In an effort to reach out to businesses across Tunisia and continue our progress in building sustainable businesses in the Middle East, MEII launched the Tamweeli Meetup Tour. This particular program included a series of events held in cities across Tunisia for Tunisian SMEs. The events turned out to be a great success, and provided ample opportunities for entrepreneurs to network with like-minded individuals within the region. The objective of the MEII Tamweeli Meetup Tour is ultimately to enable SMEs to develop strategic partnerships with financial actors and regional support institutions, whether public or private, to leverage their long-term goals and build lasting relationships based on the understanding that SMEs hold the key to a stable, inclusive economy. 

Last month, Tamweeli Meetup Tour hosted an event with over 230 in person attendees, in addition to 50 individuals that participated virtually. We are proud to share the video below that recaps some of the memorable moments from the event.

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