Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt

Board Member

Carl Bildt was the Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991-1994 and the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006-2014.

As Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994, Mr. Bildt led the government that negotiated and signed Sweden’s accession to the European Union, reformed and liberalized the Swedish economy, and modernized its welfare system. After leaving office, he played a key role as a mediator in the Balkan conflict for the European Union and the United Nations. As Foreign Minister, he was an important proponent of the EU’s “Eastern Partnership” and of EU engagement in the Middle East.

His public policy profile and experience is extensive, having served on various boards, including of the Centre for European Reform, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and the European Policy Centre, on the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, the European Council on Foreign Relations and as the first non-U.S. member of the Board of Trustees of the RAND Corporation. Mr. Bildt is also a Senior Advisor at Covington & Burling LLP.

Mr. Bildt also has a well-established profile in technology circles. He is Chair of the Global Commission on Internet Governance, a former adviser to ICANN, and a high-profile proponent of a global digital marketplace. Mr. Bildt recently co-authored a study with the Atlantic Council entitled “Building a Transatlantic Digital Marketplace.”

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