Alexandra McLean

Senior Associate

Alexandra McLean is the Senior Associate at The Middle East Investment Initiative (MEII) Washington D.C. office. Prior to becoming Senior Associate, she started as a fellow with MEII after obtaining her Master’s degree in International Studies with a specialization in Middle East Policy from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies in Denver, Colorado. During her time as a graduate student, she worked as a research assistant for her Professor of Economics, to gather data and perform literature reviews for her Professor’s upcoming publications. While in Colorado, she also worked for the International Rescue Committee where she facilitated cultural orientation for Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghan refugees arriving in the United States, specifically Denver, for the first time.  Prior to her graduate work, Alexandra received a Bachelor’s in French and International Relations at the University of Mississippi, where she graduated with honors. As Senior Associate in the Washington office, she writes proposals and monitors the progress of various projects, as well as aids in the organization of upcoming events, domestic and internationally. 

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