Forbes Magazine: MEII

A great article about the impact MEII has had on the SME community in Palestine. 

“Racks of onesies, toddler shorts and soft cotton sundresses hang in rows by size in the Carter’s and OshKosh shop owned by three sisters in Ramallah, Palestine. Many Americans and Israelis think of Ramallah as the middle of a conflict zone — but there is no violence here. The store is warm, and the two of the three sisters stop to serve big glasses of orange juice.

“We were looking for clothes for our kids,” says Maryam Abu Ein, the oldest sister, 39. The three Palestinian-Americans had lived and traveled in the United States before returning to Palestine. Back in 2009, they decided they wanted to go into business for themselves — “far from father and brothers,” a phrase that expresses their desire for independence. They loved Carter’s clothes…


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