COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends & Family of MEII,

As we all adjust to this new normal, our thoughts are with you and your families during this unprecedented crisis. The health and safety of our employees and clients is our top priority, and because of that, social distancing and virtual measures have been put in place to ensure we maintain operations as best we can during such challenging circumstances. MEII was founded to improve the lives of people in a critically important part of the world, The Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Over the years, we developed a track record of success and tools to support small and medium sized businesses, provide access to finance, and create much needed jobs. Today, in the face of the global pandemic, economic shutdown, and a likely long recovery- particularly in the countries we serve- this experience is now more important than ever. MEII is looking forward to playing an important role in the MENA region’s stabilization and recovery.

We look forward to your support in the months to come, and are confident that together, we can build a brighter future for small and medium-sized businesses in the Middle East and North Africa.


James Pickup

President & CEO

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