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RFQ #:   1/2022


Accounting and Bookkeeping Software


 November, 2022

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Request for Quotation – RFQ#: 1/2022


Procurement of Accounting and Bookkeeping Software

 Dear Sirs,

  1. You are kindly invited to submit your quotation(s) for the supply of the items listed on Annex 1 of this RFQ, by submitting the information listed on Annex 2 “Schedule of Requirements”.
  2. Company must have valid registration and valid tax registration.
  3. You must provide a price quotation for all items under this RFQ.
  4. Your response to this RFQ shall be submitted in sealed envelopes to:

Middle East Investment Initiative -

Abraj Emmar, A building, 1st floor, office number 20,

Zahran Street, the Sixth circle,

Amman, Jordan

  1. Please attach company profile and technical documentation (a detailed description for the offered Accounting and Bookkeeping Software) and catalogue(s) and other printed material or pertinent information to your response to this RFQ.
  2. The deadline for receipt of your response to this RFQ is 06/12/2022 at 16:00h (local time)
  3. In the event MEII will extend this deadline, it will so inform all vendors who have informed MEII that they plan to respond to this RFQ.
  1. Your response to this RFQ should include the following at a minimum:
  • PRICE: The prices should be quoted excluding VAT, and shall include all costs incurred to supply, deliver, install, configure etc., and as described in Section C of Annex 2.
  • Delivery time: within 15 days from the Purchase Order request from MEII.
  • Payment terms: MEII will pay for the installed licenses 30 days after the end of each month and upon receiving a tax exempted invoice billing the activated licenses within that period.
  • Validity of offer: Your quotation(s) should be valid for a period of one year from the Award Letter.
  • Specifications: as described in section B of Annex 2.


  1. If you have any questions with regards to this RFQ, please submit them by email to with RFQ number as subject matter, and note that your questions and answers may be sent to all vendors who have informed MEII that they plan to respond to this RFQ


  1. EVALUATION AND NOTIFICATION: All responses to this RFQ will be evaluated by a committee of at least 3 people at the same time. The committee shall evaluate each vendor response based on price, delivery time, responsiveness to the requested specifications and other factors as determined by MEII. The committee will meet within 30 days of the deadline above. In the event a vendor is selected, MEII will send a Framework Agreement to that vendor within 7 days of the committee’s decision.


  1. Under the agreement, the vendor will engage to abide under principles of USAID Mandatory and Required as Applicable Standard Provisions.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to receiving your response to this RFQ.


Middle East Investment Initiative

RFQ #: 1/2022

Accounting and Bookkeeping Software





The Middle East Investment Initiative (MEII) is a not-for-profit company registered in Jordan under the Ministry of Social Development. Founded with the conviction that the path to social and political stability in the MENA region requires a sound and sustainable economic base, the Middle East Investment Initiative (MEII) breaks from traditional aid models and designs innovative development finance initiatives that foster economic opportunities and dignity instead of dependency. We identify sound businesses and entrepreneurs, provide them with targeted technical assistance to enhance their management skills, and facilitate access to finance so that they can achieve transformative growth.


MEII is launching this RFQ for Accounting and Bookkeeping Software's in the context of the program Informal Livelihoods Advancement Activity- Iqlaaع, in which MEII aims to strengthen the capabilities of Micro Enterprises (up to 10 employees) and Small Enterprises (up to 49 employees) -hereafter called “MSEs”- by helping them improve their management skills and present themselves to lenders and/or investors, thanks to improved accounting.


Iqlaaعis a five-year USAID-funded program that aims to support Jordan's MSEs to grow, transform, and become resilient to future shocks. Mercy Corps leads on the implementation of Iqlaaع.


MEII invites independent accounting software companies to submit quotations for providing simplified Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for the use of the MSE’s in Jordan as described in the Scope of Services below.


We are looking to select various Software providers with the objective of providing up to 100 software's per year to MSEs.


Scope of Services and Deliverables

The required service is a simplified Accounting and Bookkeeping Software that will be provided to Micro (up to 10 employees) and Small (up to 49 employees) Enterprises (“MSEs”) so they can start tracking and recording their accounting transactions. This service will help MSEs to:

  • Strengthen their capacity in terms of financial management using appropriate accounting software.

-      Provide them an appropriate accounting tool, to allow them to meet lenders and/or investors needs and requirements in all financial matters.



  1. Simple Accounting and Bookkeeping Software application for the MSE’s use; installation (Software installation, accounting system configuration) and initial system training for the use of the software.

The software accompanied documents must include (in Arabic version):

  • Installation guide and setup information.
  • System documentation includes manuals; describes how to use each component in non-technical terms (e.g., functional description).


2.Train MEII staff on the use of the accounting software, to ensure their ability to use fluently the software and accordingly bring technical assistance to the MSE.


The MSE and MEII staff should therefore learn to:

  1. How to create a chart of accounts: main accounts, sub-accounts;
  2. How to modify/add main accounts, sub-accounts;
  3. How to record day to day transactions;


  1. Free first one-year support.
  2. The cost of annual support fees for MSE's after the first year should be listed in the RFQ in Annex 2 of this quotation.
  3. Ability to re-install softwares that were not used by MSE’s at no extra cost or per agreed on quotation submitted.
  4. Send MEII follow up reports on the usage of the MSE’s of the installed software.


Evaluation Criteria

Each quotation will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Technical Score weight65%
Financial Score weight35%


Technical Criteria

  1. Company profile. 20%
  2. Bookkeeping Software Characteristics. 20%
  3. Geographical coverage, ability to mobilize within various regions of Jordan. 20%
  4. Support after sale. 20%
  5. 20%


More than one company will be contracted with to provide the software however, the suitableness of the software to MSE needs, will be the determinant of the procurement.




Annex 2

RFQ #:1/2022

Accounting and Bookkeeping Software


Schedule of Requirements


Instructions for Completing the RFQ

The quotation should include the following:


  1. Scope of Work

A brief statement demonstrating the company’s understanding of the scope of work and deliverables to be performed and a commitment to perform the work.


  1. Company Profile and Accounting & Bookkeeping Software Characteristics


  1. The company must describe at least (Years in business, major clients, systems provided, similar projects, number of employees, previous experience with MEII if applicable, geographical coverage, support after sale awards for excellence etc.)
  2. Bookkeeping Software Characteristics:

The software should be designed to manage the MSE’s various day to day transactions, taking into consideration the various levels of complexity of these MSE’s, and including but not limited to: daily sales transactions, inventory control, payments, receipts, and reporting. Both online and offline version are acceptable.

Data entry should be easy, and flexible. Furthermore, the software should feature standard reporting capabilities such as income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and other financial reports according to the general accounting standards.

Other characteristics:

  1. Online/offline.
  2. Simple/lite /basic version.
  3. User-friendly interface.
  4. Include basic screens for the sales, inventory, reports, and items identification.
  5. Contains Predefined chart of accounts and/or to be able for customization.
  6. Other features in the system such as (group and networks, BAR codes, mobiles/tablets applications) is a plus.
  7. A proven trained support staff with ability to mobilize within various regions of Jordan.


  1. Fees for Services

Please use the below schedule template to report on costs of services.

Please add the cost of annual support fees for MSE's after the first year, tax included.







Unit Price JOD



Total Price JOD





  • The project is a four years Project.
  • 100 licenses will be needed from contracted software companies within the first year.
  • Approximately 100 licenses will be needed for the following years.
  • The MSE has the choice whether to renew the agreement with the providing company for a second year or not, and the MSE’s that choose to renew the license will be responsible for its financial implications.
  • MEII has the right to determine its financial contribution and coverage for any accounting software installed.
  • Please indicate any additional cost in function of geographical coverage.


  1. References

Provide the contact information of at least 3 references who are relevant to the Scope of Work, and who can be contacted by MEII to conduct a reference check.


  1. Point of Contact

The firm must identify who would serve as the primary point of contact with MEII.

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