Business Advisor

Business Advisor

The Business Advisor will be responsible for a diverse range of specific technical functions, which include among others:

  • Provide business advisory services to entrepreneurs, may include:
  • Develop a chart of accounts and configure the accounting software to meet the needs of the SME;
  • Compile reasonable historical financial statements;
  • Develop financial projections;
  • Develop bookkeeping and financial reporting system;
  • Develop a financial strategy;
  • Develop simple business plan;
  • Assist the SME with the loan application process, when there is a need; and
  • Provide additional TA including in class training with other SMEs when appropriate.
  • Monitoring and follow up, may include:
  • Contact the SME, on a quarterly basis, to review and explain the financial reports and to follow up on financial strategy;
  • Coach and follow-on advisory services.
  • Market and promote the TA program among SMEs with particular focus on female entrepreneurs;
  • Networking and collaboration with other service providers and business associations;
  • Supervise the quality and workflow of the interns; and
  • Any other task seen appropriate by the project manager.


  • University degree with Accounting and Finance background;
  • 2-3 years of experience in working with SME’s, accounting and financial management;
  • Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping, financial analysis, and business planning;
  • Excellent Microsoft Office skills particularly in Excel;
  • Strong teamwork, written and verbal communication skills; and
  • Excellent writing and reporting skills in English.

To apply, please send your CV, and a cover letter by email to no later than Thursday Nov 25, 2021.  Candidates must clearly indicate which position they are applying for. Please send one application either by email or fax, but not both. MEII is an equal opportunity employer.  Visit our website@

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